Custom Lighting

Custom Lighting

Custom Lighting

Want to transform your wedding reception venue and create a truly unforgettable atmosphere? MBC Entertainment offers a variety of lighting services to enhance your special day. Uplight your space with vibrant colors! Our programmable LED uplighting allows you to use multiple colors, adding dynamism to the room and creating an exciting backdrop for your dance floor. We can provide up to 20 of these lights, completely transforming your venue. Imagine soft purples and blues for a romantic feel, or energetic reds and greens for a party vibe!

Personalize your wedding with custom projections! Gobo LED projection lighting allows you to project your names or a special design onto a wall, ceiling, or even the dance floor, adding a unique touch and wowing your guests. Choose from over 150 different designs to find the perfect match for your wedding theme. Let MBC Entertainment elevate your wedding reception with stunning lighting options. Contact us today to discuss your vision!

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